Configuring Tape and Medium Changer devices on Intel-compatible systems

Physically attach your tape and medium changer devices to your Linux® server.

After the driver software is installed and a tape device is connected to the adapter, the device can be configured and made available for use. Access to the device is not provided until the device is configured.

If your system is attached to a tape library with the integrated router, before the QLogic driver is installed, set the host type of the router to solaris and make sure that the logical unit numbers of the control unit, medium changer, and the connected tape drives are contiguous. Otherwise, the QLogic device driver does not recognize all of the attached devices. To view the LUNs of attached devices, log on to the router and use the fcShowDevs command. If the LUNs are not contiguous, use the mapCompressDatabase command to delete the invalid LUNs and make the valid LUNs contiguous.

When you run the lin_tape kernel module, it creates special files in the /dev directory.