System Test

The System Test is a short test that runs the following tests:
  • Reveals system performance bottlenecks. Compressible data throughput values can reveal bandwidth limitations that are caused by the system or cabling or HBA.
  • Measures performance variations across the different block sizes to find the ideal block size for the system configuration.

The System Test runs only on tape drives, not on autoloaders or libraries. To run a System Test on tape drives within a library, the library must be in online mode.

After the device you want to test is selected, start the System Test function by selecting Test > System Test from the actions toolbar.

ITDT-GE then shows the System Test screen. If no cartridge is inserted, ITDT-GE prompts you to insert a cartridge. Either insert a cartridge and click OK or stop by clicking Abort.

Note: If ITDT-GE detects data on the cartridge, it shows the following message -
Cartridge not empty!
  Overwrite data?

Click Yes to continue the test if you are sure that data on the cartridge can be overwritten. If you are unsure, click No to stop the test.

Figure 1. System Test
System Test
The System Test is run as follows:
  1. System Test determines the amount of data to write for each supported blocksize (a percentage of the cartridge is written for each blocksize).
  2. The test determines the maximum supported blocksize of the system.
  3. System Test writes the amount of data with all supported block sizes in powers of two down to 64 KB (values of 16 KB and 32 KB are not tested in cases where the capability of a system supports higher block sizes). It begins with the maximum supported blocksize that is detected before, first with incompressible, next with compressible data. Then, it shows performance data and a progress screen.
  4. At the end of the test, a summary information is shown.