Health Test

Figure 1. Test

The Health Test function checks if the tape device is defective and outputs a pass/fail result.

  1. The test functionality erases user data on the cartridge that is used for the test.
  2. The test can take from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.
  3. The test runs only on tape drives, not on autoloaders or libraries.

To start the Health Test function, it is recommended that a new or rarely used cartridge is used. Scaled (capacity-reduced) cartridges must not be used to test the device.

To test tape drives within a library, the library must be in online mode.

After the device is selected, start the Health Test function by selecting the Health Test menu item.

The Health Test function can be stopped by clicking Abort.

Note: It can take some time until the Health Test function stops.
Figure 2. Test results
Test results
Note: Information can be found in the .json/.blz files. See the Log files section ( 1 ).
The test sequence contains the following steps:
  1. Initialize Drive
  2. Read Thermal Sensor
  3. Mount Medium
  4. [Medium Qualification] – only if previous step indicated requirement
  5. Load/Write/Unload/Read/Verify
  6. POST A
  7. Performance Test (run 2 times if first run failed with performance failure)
  8. Unmount Medium
  9. Read Thermal Sensor
  10. Get FSC
  11. Get Logs