Accessing cartridges

Each magazine has a button that provides an easy way to open a magazine.

See Front panel.

Each module can be configured to have a portion of the right magazine that is designated as an I/O station or this option can be disabled.
  • To open the I/O station, press the magazine button for less than 3 seconds.
  • To open the entire magazine, press the magazine button for more than 3 seconds.
  1. If a magazine is opened, no other magazines or I/O stations can be opened.
  2. If during the magazine open process the magazine is not opened within 30 seconds, the magazine locks.
  3. The user must pull out the magazine, as the magazine does not eject.
The LED also provides an indicator of the current state of that magazine.
Table 1. Magazine state
Magazine state LED state Description
Closed Steady ON I/O station is enabled.
Closed Slow Flash Magazine open is in process.
Closed Fast Flash Magazine is opened.
Closed OFF I/O station is not enabled.
Opened OFF Magazine is opened.