Media optimization

Media optimization is a new feature for the LTO9 tape drive with L9/LZ media.

The increased number of tracks used to write data on tape requires greater precision. Media optimization creates a referenced calibration for each cartridge that enables the tape drive’s intelligent alignment to optimize data placement. LTO-9 media optimization enhances LTO tape long-term media durability.

It is important to consider when media optimization will be performed:
  • Media optimization will be performed on first load of L9/LZ media during initialization.
  • Recommendation is to perform first load in the location of deployment, which should be in a stable environment that meets the recommended environmental specification.
  • Media optimization is a one-time operation that can be completed on any drive in the environment, enabling the media to be used across all tape drives without further optimization.
Other considerations for media optimization:
  • Media optimization averages 20 minutes per first load of a cartridge to a tape drive. Although most media optimizations will complete within 30 minutes some media optimizations may take up to 2 hours.
  • Interruption of the process is not recommended.
  • A different mount will not necessarily improve the time to complete the one-time optimization.

An update to software may be required. Contact your software application provider for more details. Customized software, not provided as a standard market product, may require modification to ensure the software can handle the extended first mount time.