Planning for library-managed tape encryption

Note: Contact your IBM® representative for information about encryption on the IBM encryption-capable tape drive.

To complete encryption on the encryption-capable tape drive, the following items are required.

  • Encryption-capable tape drive
  • Keystore (Refer to documentation on Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM))
  • Encryption configuration features
    • Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM)
    • Tape system library code updates and Transparent LTO Encryption feature code for encryption-capable libraries
    • Tape drive code updates

Library-managed tape encryption tasks

Any task that is not identified as an IBM service task is the responsibility of the customer.

  1. Install, verify, and configure
    1. Keystore
    2. EKM (Refer to documentation on Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM)) for information on both.
  2. Install and cable the encryption-capable tape drive (IBM service task for TS1120 Tape Drive).
  3. Use IBM tape library specialist to enable the tape drive for library-managed tape encryption (refer to your IBM Tape Drive or Library Operator's Guide).
  4. Use library diagnostic functions to verify.

Bulk rekey

For customers with Library-Managed Encryption with 3592 Enterprise tape drives and IBM tape and changer drivers that are running on open systems operating system (AIX®, HP-UX, Linux®, Solaris, Windows), sample code for completing bulk rekey operations is available. The sample code packages are provided "as-is" with limited testing, and are provided to give customers guidance on bulk rekey operations.

For UNIX operating systems, a sample script ( is provided and must be used with the tapeutil version that is bundled in the same package. For Windows operating systems, a sample c program (rekey_win.c) is provided. Both of these sample programs must be used with both the IBM tape and changer drivers. In addition, data cartridges must be in storage cells, not in I/O station cells or tape drives.

For information and to download the sample code packages, see