Starting ITDT-SE on Windows operating systems

At first program start, the license text is displayed and the input and output directories are created. Start ITDT by running the following command from the directory "ITDT" that was created during the installation (confirm to run with administrator rights):
Read the User License Agreement.
  • Press Enter to scroll the license screens forward or b followed by Enter to go back.
  • Type i, if you agree to the terms of license or q followed by Enter to quit the application.

ITDT-SE does not create any registry entries or make changes outside the installation directory.

During installation a subdirectory "ITDT" was created which contains the ITDT program file and 2 subdirectories initially:
  • "License" directory with license files in different languages.
  • "Scripts" directory for extra scripts.
When the program is run for the first time, two more subdirectories are created in the "ITDT" folder:
  • "Input" directory for firmware files to be uploaded to devices.
  • "Output" directory for generated log and dump files.

To remove ITDT from your system, erase the ITDT directory. Any log and dump files in the subdirectories are also erased when you do so.