ITDT-GE user interface description

Figure 1. Graphical Edition user interface
Graphical Edition user interface
To start ITDT-GE on Windows, click the shortcut that is created by the installation process. On Linux®, no start menu entry is generated. Start ITDT-GE by opening a Terminal window, then switch to root user.
$ su -
Finally, start ITDT-GE with
$ /opt/ibm/itdt-ge/itdt-ge

The User Settings dialog box displays the first time that the program is run, allowing the entry of user specifications: User name, company name, output path, and log level.

The Output Path defines the location where the test reports and dumps are saved. The Windows default output path is
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.itdt-ge\output
where <username> is the Windows user login name. The Linux default output path is
The Log Level must not be changed unless requested to do so by the IBM® Support Center. It is recommended that this information be provided to allow for further analysis of test results.
Figure 2. Graphical Edition preferences
Graphical Edition preferences
The ITDT-GE interface contains the following sections:
Figure 3. Graphical Edition interface
Graphical Edition interface
  • Main menu ( 1  on Figure 3)- in upper left (File, Window, Help) The following main program menu items are available:
    Figure 4. Main program menu items
    Main program menu items
  • Control Center ( 2  on Figure 3) - On left side (Device operations - Scan, Test, Dump, and Update)

    Extra device operations are available by using drop-down arrows.

  • Test Lab ( 3  on Figure 3) - Located from center to right side (Contains running and previously run tests)
  • Status Information ( 4  on Figure 3) - Located below the Test Lab (Contains summary results of tests)

The Control Center is the primary section the ITDT-GE operations.

The following toolbar buttons for the device operations are available.
Figure 5. Toolbar buttons
Toolbar buttons
  • Click the Scan menu item in the Control Center to display the list of tape devices found. When the scan is complete, select one device in the Test Lab by clicking the corresponding check box. Click the arrow next to the Scan menu item to add a device manually.
  • Test

    Click the arrow next to the Test menu item to select an extended test.

  • Dump

    Click the arrow next to the Dump menu item to select more log options.

  • Update

    Click the Update menu item to start the firmware update. Click the arrow next to the Update menu item to select Online update options.

  • Config

    Click the TCP/IP Port menu item to configure the TCP/IP port.

For each device on which the operation is started, a tab displays on the right panel (Test Lab area). The tab contains the operation information and status. Only one operation can be run at a time with ITDT-GE. The benefit in using tabs even for the single operation mode is that you get a history of operations as for each consecutive operation, a separate tab is opened.