Graphical Edition - visualizing log files

ITDT-GE offers the opportunity to visualize the content of DUMP and ITDT log files (BLOB files).
  • Dump files can be retrieved with ITDT or any other tool that supports this function.
  • Dump files that are generated by ITDT have the suffix ".a" or ".b".
  • BLOB files are generated during the run of an ITDT test sequence, such as "Standard Test".
  • BLOB files have the suffix ".blz".
  • Both file types can be opened and visualized with ITDT-GE.
Figure 1. Graphic Edition: log view
Graphic Edition: log view

Opening a Dump or BLOB file

A Dump or a BLOB file can be opened either with the menu command File/Open Log File or by switching to the Log Files perspective and pressing Open Log File .... In both cases, a File Selection dialog opens where files can be selected for display. After the successful opening of a file, the data is shown.

Two views are available for presenting the data - each at a separate panel.
  • The Event List shows the events of this file on the left side. An event is a group of information and consists of 1 to n Elements shown on the right. By selecting one event list entry on the left, the corresponding data (event elements) is shown on the right.
  • The Report panel offers the opportunity to generate a sublist of the available 'Event List' entries.