Dynamic tracing utility

A dynamic tracing utility named tapedtrc is introduced in the IBMtape. or later driver. It is used to dynamically set, reset, start, stop, and query IBMtape tracing at any time for debugging use. The program is in the/opt/IBMtape directory, with the tracing level set to 0 by default.

Use the tapedtrc program from the command line as follows.
/opt/IBMtape/tapedtrc  [option]
        [set]              - Set IBMtape trace level and/or start the tracing
        [set] level        - Set trace to a particular trace level
        [get]              - Query the current IBMtape trace level
        [start]            - Start IBMtape tracing
        [stop]             - Stop IBMtape tracing without the trace level reset
        [clean]            - Stop the IBMtape tracing and reset IBMtape trace 
                             level to 0 
        [help]             - IBM tapedtrc help menu