Devices not reported at /proc/scsi/IBMchanger or /proc/scsi/IBMtape

After lin_tape is installed, following the Installation and Configuration instructions, this command shows all tape devices and their device index:
cat /proc/scsi/IBM*
If any or some devices that are expected to show up are not there, confirm that they are attached to Linux SCSI layer by:
cat /proc/scsi/scsi

If the devices do not show up there, review your HBA configuration and device attachment. If they are there, make sure that they are supported devices at SSIC. See Hardware requirements.

If files /proc/scsi/IBMchanger and /proc/scsi/IBMtape do not exist, review Installation and Configuration instructions, and confirm lin_taped is running by using:
lin_taped status
and also that lin_tape is correctly installed on SLES and RHEL by using:
rpm -qa lin_tape
On Ubuntu:
apt list --installed | grep lin-tape