Device and volume information logging

An optional logging utility is provided to log the information about the device and the media. The information is extensive for some devices and limited for other devices. If set to On, the logging facility gathers all available information through the SCSI Log Sense command.

This process is a separate facility from error logging. Error logging is routed to the system error log. Device information logging is sent to a separate file.

The following parameters control this utility,
  • Logging
  • Maximum size of the log file
  • Volume ID for logging

Refer to Tape drive, media, and device driver parameters for a description of these parameters.

Each time the rewind and unload sequence occurs or the STIOC_LOG_SENSE ioctl command is issued, an entry is added to the log. Each time a new cartridge is loaded, the values in the device log buffers are reset with the Log Sense command. The log data is gathered on a per-volume basis.