Rear panel

Figure 1. Rear panel
Rear panel
Table 1. Rear panel descriptions
Number Item Comments
 1  Power supply 1
Standard on Base Module
Optional on Expansion Module (required
if drives are present)
 2  Power supply 2 Optional on Base Module and Expansion Modules
 3  Tape drive bays Full high drives take up 2 bays and can only be installed in the lower two drive bays.
 4  Upper Expansion Module connection port  
 5  USB port Base Module only
 6  Ethernet port B Base Module only (secondary port for service usage)
 7  Ethernet port A Base Module only
 8  Module alignment mechanism  
 9  Lower Expansion Module connection port
 10  Unit Identifier LED, Blue  
 11  Controller Error LED, Yellow  
 12  Controller Health Status LED, Green  
 13  Product Serial Number, Tag location  

Physical and logical addresses of modules

The library assigns each module a unique address to indicate its physical location, shown in Figure 2. The physical numbering is bottom up on all modules.
Figure 2. Physical numbering of modules
Physical numbering of modules