Rear panel

Figure 1. Rear panel
Rear panel
Table 1. Rear panel descriptions
Number Item Comments
 1  Power supply 1
Standard on Base Module
Optional on Expansion Module (required
if drives are present)
 2  Power supply 2 Optional on Base Module and Expansion Modules
 3  Tape drive bays Full high drives take up 2 bays and can only be installed in the lower two drive bays.
 4  Upper Expansion Module connection port  
 5  USB port Base Module only
 6  Ethernet port B Base Module only (secondary port for service usage)
 7  Ethernet port A Base Module only
 8  Module alignment mechanism  
 9  Lower Expansion Module connection port
 10  Unit Identifier LED, Blue  
 11  Controller Error LED, Yellow  
 12  Controller Health Status LED, Green  
 13  Product Serial Number, Tag location