This IOCTL command moves a cartridge from one element to another element.

The data structure is
struct move_medium {
   ushort robot;       /* robot address */
   ushort source;      /* move from location */
   ushort destination; /* move to location */
   char invert;        /* invert before placement bit */
An example of the SMCIOC_MOVE_MEDIUM command is
#include <sys/IBM_tape.h>
struct move_medium move_medium;
move_medium.robot = 0;
move_medium.invert = 0;
move_medium.source = source;
move_medium.destination = dest;
if (!ioctl (smcfd, SMCIOC_MOVE_MEDIUM, &move_medium))
   printf ("The SMCIOC_MOVE_MEDIUM ioctl succeeded\n");
else {
   perror ("The SMCIOC_MOVE_MEDIUM ioctl failed");