This IOCTL command issues the SCSI Initialize Element Status with Range command and audits specific elements in a library by specifying the starting element address and number of elements. Use the SMCIOC_INIT_ELEM_STAT IOCTL to audit all elements.

The data structure is
struct element_range {
   ushort element_address; /* starting element address */
   ushort number_elements; /* number of elements */
An example of the SMCIOC_INIT_ELEM_STAT_RANGE command is
#include <sys/IBM_tape.h>
struct element_range elements;
/* audit slots 32 to 36 */
elements.element_address = 32;
elements.number_elements = 5;
if (!ioctl (smcfd, SMCIOC_INIT_ELEM_STAT_RANGE, &elements))
	printf ("The SMCIOC_INIT_ELEM_STAT_RANGE ioctl succeeded\n");
else {
   perror ("The SMCIOC_INIT_ELEM_STAT_RANGE ioctl failed");
Note: Use the SMCIOG_INVENTORY IOCTL command to obtain the current version after this IOCTL command is issued.