(Deprecated: -o spa / volid / compress / nocompress / sili / nosili / autoload / noautoload / retain / noretain)

ITDT-SE uses the new setparm option that corresponds to the current interactive mode options.

Parameters: The Value is
  • 0-65535 for the blocksize parameter
  • 0-100 for the capacity parameter (=percentage)
  • 1 (SCSI) and 2 (AIX) for recordspacemode
  • The Volume Id string for the volid parameter
  • NONE|ASSO|PERS|WORM for the writeprotect parameter
  • 0 for off/no and 1 for on/yes for setparm autoload, autodump, buffering, compression, immediate, readpastfilemark, sili, simmim, trace, trailer, volumelogging
Supported platforms: All, but only a subset of the parameters is supported by the platform's device drivers.
Table 1. Supported platforms
  Linux Windows AIX Solaris HP-UX
setparm autoload     X    
setparm autodump X        
setparm blocksize X X X X X
setparm buffering X   X X X
setparm capacity X X3 X X X
setparm compression X X X X X
setparm datasafemode¹ X X X X X
setparm immediate X   X X X
setparm readpastfilemark X        
setparm recordspacemode     X    
setparm sili     X X X
setparm simmim X        
setparm skipsync² X X X X X
setparm sleepmode X X X X X
setparm trace X        
setparm trailer X   X X X
setparm volid     X    
setparm volumelogging X   X    
setparm writeprotect² X X3 X X X
setparm archivemodeunthread X X X X X
  1. The datasafemode can be set to YES or NO when no cartridge is loaded. When a cartridge is loaded, the datasafemode can be set only to YES.
  2. Depending on the support of the device.
  3. Only supported by 3592.