Query/Set Position

When you select the Query/Set Position command
  1. ITDT prints the current position and requests the new position.
    Note: ITDT does not distinguish between logical and physical position. It shows the current position and queries for the one to set, then sets the new position.
  2. Enter the block id for where the tape must go. This block id must be entered in decimal. When the tape is set, the block id is printed in decimal with hexadecimal in parentheses.
  3. ITDT issues the Set Position ioctl and returns the pass or fail results.
  4. ITDT prints decoded logical position details.
  5. ITDT issues Query Physical Position ioctl command.
  6. ITDT prints decoded physical position details.
  7. You are prompted for position to set (logical or physical) or to stop.
  8. You are prompted for the block id in decimal or hexadecimal.
  9. ITDT prints a summary.
  10. ITDT issues the Set Position ioctl command.
  11. Repeat steps 2 - 5.