Manual Inspection Record Entry

A manual inspection record can be generated if the device does not show in the device list. This test is intended for devices that are not recognized or have a technical problem that cannot be determined by ITDT-GE.

If a tape drive cannot be identified by using a device scan, the user can manually create a test record for the drive. The system prompts the user to run the SCSI/FC Wrap test for the drive (see the service manual for the drive). The results of the wrap test can be entered along with extra inspection information. The results are saved into binary and text output files that have the same format as the output files generated by the test.

  1. From the Main Program menu, select File > Manual Record.
  2. Enter the required information to complete the items in the screen.
    1. Enter the device serial number.
    2. Enter the content of the Message Display.
    3. Optionally, enter any information text.
  3. After all information is entered, click OK.

    The information is stored in a binary file (which can be used for further analysis), and in a human-readable text file. Both files are stored in the ITDT-GE output folder.