Health Test

The Health Test function [T] checks if the tape device is defective and outputs a pass/fail result.

Attention: The health test function erases user data on the cartridge that is used for the test.

For the library or autoloader test, the Library Test [L] must be selected.

  1. The test can take from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.
  2. The test runs only on tape drives, not on autoloaders or libraries.

To complete the test function, it is recommended that a new or rarely used cartridge is used. Scaled (capacity-reduced) cartridges must not be used to test the device.

To test tape drives within a library, the library must be in online mode.

  1. Start ITDT-SE, then type S and press Enter to scan for the devices.
  2. Select the device that you want to test by entering its number and press Enter.
  3. Type T followed by Enter to activate the test.

If no cartridge is inserted, ITDT-SE prompts to insert a cartridge. Either insert a cartridge and press Enter or stop the test by entering C followed by Enter.

Note: If ITDT-SE detects data on the cartridge, the Device Test screen displays a message (as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Data Delete question
Data Delete question

Type Y followed by Enter to continue the test if you are sure that data on the cartridge can be overwritten. If you are unsure, type N followed by Enter to stop the test.

During the test, the program shows a progress indicator in the form of a bar of number signs (#) ( 1 ) that shows the progress of a single subtest and also a description of that subtest. The user might stop the test by selecting the [A]Abort option (exception: POST A).

During the test, a progress indicator ( 1 ) is shown on the test screen. Messages from the test steps are shown in the Status field ( 2 ).

Figure 2. Test running
Test running
The test sequence contains the following steps.
  1. Initialize Device
  2. Read Thermal Sensor (might get skipped)
  3. Mount Medium
  4. [Medium Qualification] - only if the previous step indicated this requirement
  5. Load/Write/Unload/Read/Verify
  6. POST A
  7. Performance Test (run 2 times if first run failed with performance failure)
  8. Unmount Medium
  9. Read Thermal Sensor (might get skipped)
  10. Get FSC
  11. Get Logs
The test can be stopped by typing A followed by Enter at any time except during the POST test, which is not interruptible.
Note: It might take some time until the test stops.
Figure 3. Test results
Test results

When all subtests are finished, ITDT-SE shows a screen that displays the attachment and device information as in the first device list screen. It also shows the test result and failure information in the code field. The screen also shows the output files that were generated during the test run. The files might be requested by the IBM® Support Center.

If you want to use other ITDT-SE functions, type R followed by Enter to return to the first device list screen. Otherwise, type Q followed by Enter to exit the program.