Complete the following steps to start the Dump [D] process.
  1. Start ITDT-SE, then type S and press Enter to scan for the devices.
  2. Select the device that you want to retrieve a dump from by entering its number and pressing Enter.
  3. Type D and press Enter to start the dump retrieval for the selected device. The ongoing dump process is completed (it takes less than 1 minute).
    Figure 1. Dump
When the dump process is completed on a tape library or autoloader other than the 3584/TS3500/TS4500, the Dump function stores 1 log file in the output folder of the program (*.blz). For the 3584/TS3500/TS4500, a dump file (*.a) is stored in the output folder.
Note: When the Dump function is completed for tape libraries or autoloaders other than the 3584/TS3500/TS4500, the log file contains only Log Sense and Mode Sense pages, while a Drive or 3584/TS3500/TS4500 dump contains much more diagnostic information.
Retrieve the files from the ITDT-SE output subdirectory that was created during the installation. The following are examples of the directory:
  • Example output directory (Windows): c:\ITDT\output
  • Example output directory (UNIX): /home/user/ITDT/output
  • Example output directory (i5/OS): /home/ITDT/output

    (On the IFS) use FTP or the System i Navigator to transfer the file

If you want to use other ITDT-SE functions, type R followed by Enter to return to the device list; otherwise, type Q followed by Enter to exit the program.