Configure TCP/IP

Configure TCP/IP [C] configures the ethernet port settings of LTO 5, TS1140, and later drives. For those drives, the current settings are read and displayed and can be changed.
Note: LTO drives have one port and TS1140 and later drives have two ports that can be configured. Configuring the ethernet ports must not be done in a TS3500/TS4500. Although the ports can be configured, it is ineffective.
  1. Start ITDT-SE, type S, and press Enter to scan for the devices.
  2. Select a device from the list (just the ones that are listed are supported) by entering the number, then press Enter.
  3. Type O and press Enter to display the second device list screen.
  4. On the second device list screen, type C and press Enter to open the Configure TCP/IP screen.
ITDT-SE switches to the Configure TCP/IP screen and reads the data configuration of port 1. To toggle between port 1 and 2, type P and press Enter.
Figure 1. TCP/IP screen: Read data
TCP/IP screen: Read data

Each parameter can be set by entering the number (1 - 5) and a following value. If you want to enable DHCP, enter '1 1' and press Enter. The value of the DHCP field is refreshed with the value entered.

The values for both ports are applied to the drive by entering A and pressing Enter. ITDT-SE configures the drive and the current active addresses are shown in the field: Active IP Addresses. Regular field values:
[1] DHCP enabled:                0/1 (false/true)
[2] Address IPV4                 Regular IPv4 address
[3] Subnet Mask Length V4:       0...23
[4] Address IPV6:                Regular IPv6 address
[5] Subnet Mask Length V4:       0...127

If you want to use other ITDT-SE functions, type R, then press Enter to return to the device list. Or, press Q and Enter to exit the program.