Check LTFS Readiness

The Check LTFS Readiness test analyzes the operating system and tape drive environment to ensure that the IBM® linear tape file system can be installed. This test checks the operating system version, the tape device driver version, the tape drive firmware, and the LTFS HBA requirements.
Note: The tape drive firmware must be at least version: C7RC (for LTO 5), C974 (for LTO 6), and 36A5 (for TS1140 and TS1150). The LTFS Readiness Check requires an empty data cartridge. The maximum transfer size is detected at the beginning of the test. If it is under 512kB, a warning is displayed. If it is under 256kB, the test fails.

The LTFS Readiness Check can return with result FAILED and one of the following error codes.

Table 1. Codes and root causes
Code Root causes
LTFS CDB LENGTH Unsupported SCSI 16 Byte command.
LTFS CARTRIDGE TYPE Cartridge Density Code is not supported.
LFTS XFER SIZE Supported block size is too less.
LTFS PARTITION SUPPORT Partitioning commands are not supported.
LTFS FW LEVEL Unsupported Tape Device firmware level.
LTFS DATA TRANSFER SIZE Data Integrity Test failed.
LTFS DD VERSION IBM Tape Device Driver version is not supported.
LTFS OPERATING SYSTEM Operating system is not supported.