Ensuring proper packaging

When you ship or store data cartridges, ensure that they are packed securely.

About this task

  • When a cartridge is shipped, use the original or better packaging.
  • Always ship or store a cartridge in a jewel case.
  • Use only a recommended shipping container that securely holds the cartridge in its jewel case during transportation. Ultrium Turtlecases (by Perm-A-Store) are tested and found to be satisfactory (see Figure 1). They are available at http://www.turtlecase.com.
    Figure 1. Tape cartridges in a Turtlecase
    Tape cartridges in a Turtlecase
  • Never ship a cartridge in a commercial shipping envelope. Always place it in a box or package.
  • If you ship the cartridge in a cardboard box or a box of a sturdy material, ensure that you
    • Place the cartridge in polyethylene plastic wrap or bags to protect it from dust, moisture, and other contaminants.
    • Pack the cartridge snugly; do not allow it to move around.
    • Double-box the cartridge (place it inside a box, then place that box inside the shipping box) and add padding between the two boxes (see Figure 2).
      Figure 2. Double-boxing tape cartridges for shipping
      Double-boxing tape cartridges for shipping