Resolving errors with the LTO tape drives

This section lists error codes that can appear on the single-character display (SCD) of the LTO tape drives and describes each error.

The LTO tape drive has an SCD that displays a code which can aid in servicing the drive. While the TS3500 tape library is active, it can be difficult to see the SCD without opening the library door. An easier way to obtain information about a drive error is to determine which drive is reporting an error, then access the error log for that drive by using the operator panel or by using the Tape Library Specialist web interface. You can access a drive error log from the operator panel by using the Service and Drive Error Logs menus.

Figure 1 shows the front of the LTO drive and the location of the SCD.

 1  Status light  3  Single-character display (SCD)
 2  Unload button  4  SCD dot
Figure 1. Front view of the LTO 3 tape drive
Front view of an LTO 3 Tape Drive
# Component # Component
 1  LED indicator for Port 0  4  LED indicator for drive status
 2  LED indicator for Port 1  5  LED indicator for drive power status
 3  LED indicator for library communications    

Table 1 gives the SCD error codes for the LTO tape drives. Use this table only if no sense data is available. Whenever possible, use sense data or a drive's Fault Symptom Code (FSC) instead of the SCD code. For information about sense data, see the IBM LTO Tape Drive SCSI Reference. For information about FSCs, see the IBM® TS3500 Maintenance Information guide.

Table 1. SCD error codes for the LTO tape drives
SCD Code Description
0 No Error. Ran successfully.
1 Cooling problem.
2 5V dc power problem. Tape drive detected that the Drive Power Supply is approaching the specified voltage limit (drive is still operating) or is outside the specified voltage range (drive is not operating).
3 Tape drive determined that a microcode error occurred.
4 Microcode or tape drive problem. Tape drive determined that a microcode or tape drive hardware failure occurred.
5 Tape drive problem. Tape drive determined that a hardware failure occurred.
6 Tape drive or media error. Tape drive determined that an error occurred, but it cannot isolate the error due to faulty hardware or to the tape cartridge.
7 Media error.
8 Tape drive, SCSI bus or fibre channel error.
9 Tape drive or RS-422 error.
A Tape drive hardware problem.
B No error or message is assigned.
C Tape drive needs to be cleaned.
D No error or message is assigned.
= The Unload button on the drive was pushed in and did not release.
Note: The rear panel of LTO 5 and later tape drives has a power beacon LED that indicates the drive is powered on when green. Occasionally this LED can be blue, which does not indicate an error.