Uninstalling Rapport on Mac OS X

This procedure explains how to uninstall Rapport.


  1. Locate and open the .dmg file from which Rapport was originally installed, named Rapport.dmg.

    The .dmg file contains the Uninstall Rapport application.

    Note: If you cannot locate the .dmg file, or if the file does not contain the uninstallation application, download the installer from the following page https://www.ibm.com/support/trusteer and click Download links.
  2. Double-click Uninstall Rapport to open the uninstallation wizard and begin the removal process.

    If you receive a warning message about opening an application that was downloaded from the internet, just click Open to continue. On Mac OS X this message is issued when running applications that were not downloaded from the Mac app store. Note that you can also change the system preferences to allow opening specific applications anyway. In this case, the warning message is not issued.

  3. Click Yes to begin uninstalling Rapport from your system.
  4. At the prompt specify the credentials of the user who installed Rapport on the system. This user must have administrator privileges. Click OK to continue. Alternatively, you can specify the root user admin credentials.
  5. Complete the captcha by writing the required alphanumeric characters and click OK.
    A message is displayed to indicate that Rapport was uninstalled successfully.