Stopping Rapport Browser Protection

Stopping Rapport shuts down Rapport browser protection quickly and easily without uninstalling. You can stop Rapport browser protection to find out whether Rapport is the cause of a problem you are experiencing. If you want to start Rapport browser protection, start Rapport, with no need to reinstall.

If you have a problem and you suspect that Rapport might be the cause, try stopping it. If the problem remains after Rapport is stopped, it is unlikely to be the cause of the problem. If the problem disappears when you stop Rapport, Rapport is likely to be at least a partial cause of the problem.

IBM recommends that you not uninstall Rapport while you resolve a technical issue. If you are thinking of uninstalling Rapport, contact IBM Trusteer Support for assistance, see Getting Support.

Note: If Rapport was installed from a Windows administrator account, you can stop Rapport only if you are logged in from an administrator account.


  1. Save your work and close all open windows.
    Note: Do not stop Rapport when the browser is open. Stopping Rapport when the browser is open can cause a crash.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > Trusteer Endpoint Protection > Stop Trusteer Endpoint Protection. A security confirmation message appears. The message displays an image of some characters for you to type. This is done to help prevent financial malware from disabling Rapport.
  3. Enter the characters that you see in the image.
  4. Click Shutdown. The following message appears while Rapport shuts down: Please wait while Trusteer Endpoint Protection shuts down. When the message disappears, Rapport is stopped. You can verify that Rapport is no longer running by opening your browser and checking that the Rapport icon no longer appears at the right of the address bar.