Manual Configuration

The TAS Manifest Compiler that is used in this procedure requires support for large RSA keys in Java. If you are using a version of the JRE prior to version 9, you might need to install the JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files into the JRE. Download the version that is compatible with the version of Java that is installed on your computer:


  1. Extract the Mobile SDK installation package to a designated folder on your development system. This folder is referred to as $TAS_ROOT.
    Tip: You can add an environment variable, named TAS_ROOT, which points to this folder.
  2. Add the Jar files.
    1. Copy the following files from $TAS_ROOT/platform/android/lib into the app/libs directory of your application (which is visible in the Project view):
      • taz.jar
      • reflectutils.jar
    2. Add the files that are listed in the previous step to your Android project:
      1. Select File > Project Structure.
      2. Click Dependencies.
      3. In the Modules list, click app.
      4. Add the full path to the JAR files by clicking the plus (“+”) icon and selecting Jar dependency.
      5. Select the file, and then click Open.
      6. Make sure that the Scope is set to Implementation.
  3. Add the Native Shared libraries.
    1. If it does not exist, create a folder called jniLibs under app/src/main/. In Android Studio, you can switch to "Project" view to access the directory.
    2. Create a folder to hold the Mobile SDK native libraries. The name of the folder must have the format jniLibs/<architecture>, where <architecture> is the target architecture, such as jniLibs/armeabi. The following architectures are supported and can be found in the compressed file:
      • armeabi (also supports ARMv7 - armeabi-v7a)
      • arm64-v8a
      • x86
      • x86_64

      If your application supports armeabi-v7a, and the libs/armeabi-v7a directory has other native libraries, you must copy the required libraries into the directories libs/armeabi and libs/armeabi-v7a.

    3. Copy the following files from $TAS_ROOT/platform/android/lib/<architecture> into the directory that was created in the previous step (jniLibs/<architecture>):
      • libtaz_full.< version >.so
  4. Add the configuration files default_conf.rpkg and manifest.rpkg to your project.
    1. Add a directory called assets under app/src/main/.
    2. Copy the file default_conf.rpkg from the android_configuration folder into your assets folder.

      default_conf.rpkg is provided in the package that you download from IBM Trusteer and contains security information that will be updated from the IBM servers.

    3. Create the Mobile SDK manifest file, manifest.rpkg, which contains the Android app configuration information for your project, by running the following command:
      java -jar <package_path>/manifest/tmc.jar -r <package_path>/manifest/default_manifest -o <AppProjectFolder>/app/src/main/assets/manifest.rpkg -k <private_key> -p <keystore_password>


      • package_path is the path to the package that you downloaded and extracted from IBM Trusteer.
      • private_key is the path of the keystore (JKS) containing vendor's manifest private key and must correspond to the license file, which is supplied by IBM Trusteer.
      • keystore_password is the password of the keystore that contains the manifest private key.