Service management process

The creation of work is managed by the service management process. The service management process ties into other TRIRIGA® Application Platform capabilities, including corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, move management, and facility assessment.

The service management process can be represented by the following process diagram:

Figure 1. Service management process
A flow diagram that illustrates the service management process. Component details are described in the text that follows the diagram.

The service management process comprises three main steps:

  1. Initiating service management process

    A request and associated request class are created as part of the facility assessment process, by a self-service user, or by a contact center agent on behalf of a caller. Alternatively, a maintenance supervisor selects the request class during the setup of a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule.

  2. Project and task creation process

    The request class and its corresponding service plan contain the settings that determine how the business logic is enforced in the creation of the work. The method by which the service management process is started determines which request class and service plan records are used. The service plan uses templates to create projects and tasks.

  3. Service assignment process

    The assignment rules in the service plan determine whether the projects and tasks are auto-assigned or must be assigned by the dispatch manager.