External service provider

External service providers perform work that is based on the contract requirements that are in contracts and blanket purchase orders or on-demand purchase orders. Some external service providers can provide services such as maintenance or electrical services. Other service providers can provide products such as specific assets or the materials that are required to complete the work.

An External Service Provider role typically performs the following tasks:

  • Manages service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Receives and completes work tasks and purchase orders
  • Performs corrective, preventive, and condition-based maintenance
  • Performs special services such as condition and environmental inspections, and recommendations for remedial action
  • Assigns tasks to technicians based on SLAs, technician availability, and technician skills
  • Reviews day-to-day and longer term metrics for the team and handles performance that is outside of the defined thresholds
  • Creates invoices for completed work

The portal for this role is based on the following details that are selected in this role’s people record:

  • Home Page: Home - External Service Provider
  • Group Details: TRIRIGA® External Service Provider
  • License Details: IBM® TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager
    Optional: IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Operations