IBM TRIRIGA Version 10.5.2

Total Occupancy Cost (TCO) ($/person) metric

Determines or compares building cost efficiency based on occupants that are housed.

Details of the metric Description
Name Total Occupancy Cost (TCO) ($/person)
Category Financial
Analysis objective for exception conditions Determines which buildings have good or poor cost efficiencies. Determines which particular building's occupancy costs are causing the inefficiencies. Uses time trend analysis to compare seasonal peaks, anomalies, or trends.
Description Facilitates internal trend analysis and external benchmarking by equating operational costs as a function of the overall facility occupant population. The occupancy cost is evaluated as an overall total cost of operations, at the subcomponent level, and at the various operations processes which are represented by cost codes in IBM® TRIRIGA®.
Source IFMA, BOMA, APPA, Internal
Measurement (Total Operating Cost + Cost of Providing Fixed Asset) / Total number of Workers
Dependent data that is calculated
  • Financial Summary Object provides summary data for total operating costs
  • Workers: People assigned to spaces.
  • FA Move Manager/Planner
  • OP Executive
Display chart types
  • Value-based: Horizontal Grouped Bar Chart (Capture Period: Vertical Grouped Bar Chart)
  • Score-based: Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart (Capture Period: Vertical Stacked Bar Chart)
  • Low Threshold: $2000/Person
  • High Threshold: $4800/Person
  • Range 1: Low/Caution/Yellow
  • Range 2: Medium/Positive/Green
  • Range 3: High/Negative/Red
Fact details Module: triMetricFact

Business Object: triBuildingFact

Metric Queries: triBuildingFact - Metric - Total Occupancy Cost ($ / Person) Metric, triBuildingFact - Metric - Total Occupancy Cost ($ / Person) Metric (Score)

Drill paths
  • Geography
  • Location
  • Capture Period
Interactive filters
  • Geography
  • Location
  • Time
  • Building Class
  • Building Tenure (Lease/Own)
For US Federal Government:
  • Geography
  • Location
  • Time
  • Real Property Type
  • Real Property Use
  • Mission Dependency
  • Legal Interest
Static filters Active Buildings
Time Months
Data point refresh rate
  • Monthly
  • After month-end close and scheduled load of financial data