IBM TRIRIGA Version 10.5.0

Operations Executive role

The Operations Executive is responsible for the part of the workplace team that directly manages the operations and maintenance of facilities. The Operations Executive can report to various parts of the company such as the Facilities Executive, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operations Officer, but usually has direct access to senior management.

The Operations Executive role includes the following tasks:

  • Communicating with upper management to develop strategic operations goals.
  • Developing strategic long-range plans to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Creating and managing the organization’s fiscal operating and capital budget and expenses.
  • Monitoring operational performance of both internal and external service providers.
  • Monitoring facility condition and environmental performance and recommending or approving funding levels and spending plans.
  • Providing a workplace setting that is conducive to productive work.
  • Monitoring occupant satisfaction.
  • Monitoring construction and renovation projects.
  • Monitoring performance metrics.
  • Receiving and responding to approvals and notifications.

The following table describes the portal for the Operations Executive role.

Portal details Description
Home Portal Name Home - Operations Executive Portal
Group Details IBM® TRIRIGA® Operations Executive
License Details
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Enterprise
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Operations
Performance Metrics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost Of Operations ($ / Area)
  • Maintenance Cost / Area Maintained
  • Energy Use Intensity (GSF)
  • My On-Time Service Responsiveness
  • My On-Target Service Costs
  • Callback Index
  • PM Task Completion Ratio