How do I install and configure IBM Verse for Apple devices?

IBM Verse is installed from the Apple iOS App Store.

It can be installed from this link on your iOS device.

To configure IBM Verse for the first time, you'll need to know the address of your IBM Traveler server. After opening the app, a configuration screen will appear. Choose My Company's Server to enter your server address and credentials.
Note: IBM Connections Cloud users should use the Connections Cloud option. No server information is required.

On the next configuration screen, enter your user name (typically, your mail address), password and IBM Traveler server URL, which you will have to obtain from your system administrator. Press Login, and IBM Verse will attempt to connect with the server and verify your credentials.

If the configuration is successful, you may be required to set an application passcode for whenever you use IBM Verse. Your administrator will determine whether a passcode is required, and will also set the time period of inactivity after which you will have to re-enter the passcode. Choose a passcode that you will remember, since it can't be retrieved. If you forget your passcode, you must delete and reinstall the app.

Verse asks you for permission to access your contacts. If you choose OK, Verse syncs your Verse contacts to Apple Contacts, and places them in a group labeled IBM Verse. You can do this manually later by ensuring Sync with Apple Contacts is selected in the IBM Verse app Settings menu, and that Contacts is selected in the Verse sub-menu in the Apple Settings app.

IBM Verse will next open the mail Inbox and start syncing with the server. By default, not all of your mail or calendar information syncs. You can change the time periods for syncing mail and calendar items in the app settings, accessible from the Inbox, by pressing Mailbox and then pressing the gear icon. Remember that choosing a longer period for syncing mail and calendar will make more data accessible on the device, but will take longer to sync.

From the Settings page, you can also choose whether to sync new data to your device automatically (if your server supports it) or manually. If your server supports Push sync, IBM Verse will use that by default and new mail and calendar notices will be sent to your device without having to sync manually in the app. If your server does not support Push, or if you turn off this behavior by selecting Manual sync, you will need to perform a pull-down swipe gesture in the Mail, Calendar or People views in order to sync. Whether you use Push or Manual sync, any changes you make on the device will be synced automatically once the device can connect to the server.