What's new in IBM Traveler

The IBM Traveler service has been upgraded to IBM® Traveler, and contains the following new features.

IBM Traveler Server Run as User

Starting with IBM Traveler, the run as user feature is now be enabled by default. When running as the user, the Traveler server has the ability to access a user's mail file as the user ID instead of the server ID. This feature resolves several long standing issues with accessing the user's data as the server ID, including:

  • Honoring ACL controls on the mail file and corporate lookup for the user.

  • Preventing event notices and automated responses from being sent from the server ID.

  • Preventing the server ID from being assigned as the owner of the mail profile when there is no owner defined.

Note: In order for the Run as User feature to function properly, the Traveler server must be listed as a trusted server in the user's mail server document. To disable Run as User, set the notes.ini parameter NTS_USER_SESSION to false.