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What's new in Version 5.4.0

IBM® Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Monitor on z/OS, V5.4.0 (5655-W38) delivers day one support for DB2 for z/OS, V12. In addition, this new release rolls up features delivered in the service stream to functions in previous releases of DB2, the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, and various other enhancements requested by clients.

Key new features of IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Monitor on z/OS, V5.4.0 include:
  • Support for DB2 12, including key DB2 features like LOB compression, dynamic plan stability, lifted partition limits, and so on
  • Updates to DB2 Analytics Accelerator monitoring capabilities
  • Removal of the CUA interface to reduce complexity and cost of ownership in the monitoring environment
The following list summarizes the significant improvements or enhancements for the product and refers you to the relevant topics for more information. Clarifications and corrections have been applied to the information where required.
  • Existing panels and descriptions have been refreshed.
  • Migration information has been updated to describe how to migrate to Version 5.4.0.
  • Information about how to upgrade in an existing PARMGEN runtime environment to enable support for DB2 12 is described in Basic Upgrade Requirements and SMP/E maintenance and upgrade scenarios.
  • Buffer Pool Analyzer is now delivered with IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert on z/OS only, it is no longer available as a standalone product.
  • In OMEGAMON XE for DB2 PE, DB2 9 is no longer supported.
  • Online Monitor field table has been updated.
  • The following main menu functions are not supported for DB2 11 or later:
    • Display Thread Activity (option 3.1)
    • Display Statistics (option 3.2)
    • Display System Parameters (option 3.3)
    Buffer Pool Analyzer messages
    Updated messages:
    Accounting report set messages (FPEA)
    Updated message: FPEA0801S
    Online Monitor messages (FPEM)
    Updated message: FPEM138
    Data Server messages (FPEV)
    Migrate/Convert function messages (FPEZ)
    New messages:
    VTAM Display Logic messages (KO2O)
    New message:
    OMEGAMON PE Subsystem messages (KO2Z)