Applying DB2 11.1 Fix Pack1

IBM® Tivoli® Netcool® Performance Manager, Version 1.4.3 requires your DB2® database environment running at Fix Pack1 (DB2®

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you install DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition before proceed to apply the fix pack.
  • Download the Special Build 36118 for DB2 11.1.1 Fix Pack 1 for Linux/x86-64 (64 bit), DB2 Universal Fix Pack installation file to your local directory.

    For example, download the DB2 file (special_36118_linuxx64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz) to /var/tmp/db2setup1111_fp directory.

    The directory that is created and to which the DB2 Fix Pack1 distribution is downloaded from now on is referred as <DB2_FP_DIST_DIR>.

About this task

Follow the instructions to apply a new fix pack level, Fix Pack1, to your existing DB2 database product, DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition The installFixPack command is used to install the fix pack.


  1. Log in as root user.
  2. Run the db2prereqcheck command to check that your system meets the prerequisites for the installation of DB2 Server
    For example:
    # cd /var/tmp/db2setup1111_fp/universal/
    # ./db2prereqcheck -v -i -s
    DBT3533I  The db2prereqcheck utility has confirmed that all installation prerequisites 
    were met for DB2 database "server " "".  Version: ""

Stopping all DB2 processes

  1. Run the following command db2ilist to determine which instance is associated with the Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager DB2:
    # /opt/db2/product/11.1.0/instance/db2ilist
  2. Log in as db2 instance user and run the following commands.
    Note: There are daemons or applications, which start automatically after db2 force application all command is entered. To avoid any problem during DB2 backup process, run the backup command immediately after db2 force application all command, as backup requires no application or daemon to be running during the backup procedure.
    1. The following command is to stop any applications that are running for the instance.
      For example:
      # su - db2 
      $ db2 list application
      Auth Id   Application   Appl.      Application Id    	     DB     # of
                Name          Handle                              Name   Agents
      ---------  ------------------------  ---------------  -------------------
      DB2      db2authDaemon  18         *LOCAL.db2.150415102229   PV    1
      DB2      db2authDaemon  8          *LOCAL.db2.150415102158   PV    1
      PV_COLL  pvmd_3002      2909       *LOCAL.db2.150416095117   PV    1
      $ db2 force applications all
      DB20000I  The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.
      DB21024I  This command is asynchronous and may not be effective immediately.
    2. Run the following command to stop any applications that are running for the instance.
      $ db2 terminate
      DB20000I  The TERMINATE command completed successfully.
      $ db2stop force
      04/17/2015 14:47:37     0   0   SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.
      SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.
      $ db2licd -end
      $ exit
  3. On a new command prompt, log in as root user.
  4. Run the following commands to disable and stop the Fault Monitor processes.

    Run the following command to check if the Fault Monitor Daemon is up and running.

    # ps -ef |grep db2fm

    Run the following commands to disable the Fault Monitor Coordinator (FMC), only if you see the entries for Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager DB2 instance user.

    For example:
    # /opt/db2/product/11.1.0/bin/db2fmcu -d                
    # /opt/db2/product/11.1.0/bin/db2fm -i db2 -D
  5. Set the auto-start to off for the DB2 instance. For example:
    # /opt/db2/product/11.1.0/instance/db2iset -i db2 -all
    # /opt/db2/product/11.1.0/instance/db2iauto -off db2
  6. As db2 user, run the ipclean command to remove DB2 engine and client IPC resources for db2.
    # su - db2
    $ ipclean
    Application ipclean: Removing DB2 engine and client IPC resources for db2
    $ exit

Applying the fix pack

  1. As root user or the user that was used for the previous version of DB2 installation, run the installFixPack command to update the existing installation.
    For example:
    # cd /var/tmp/db2setup1111_fp/universal
    # ./installFixPack -b /opt/db2/product/11.1.0
    Note: Ensure that you specify /opt/db2/product/11.1.0 as your installation directory during the prompt.

    Install FP 11.1.1 command

    Make sure that all the tasks are completed without any issues. After the installation completes, you will see The execution completed successfully. message.

    Check the installation log at /tmp/installFixPack.log.29417 for possible errors.
    You might see the following warning message in the install fix pack log after the DB2 fix pack installation completes. This warning message can be ignored.
    WARNING: DBI20105E  An error occurred while installing the following file set:
    "TSAMP". Because these files were not successfully installed, functionality
    that depends on these files might not work as expected.