Disabling ARCHIVELOG mode

Instructions on how to disable ARCHIVELOG mode status.

About this task

To disable ARCHIVELOG mode status, complete the following:


  1. Log in as OS user, oracle and enter the following commands:
    $ export ORACLE_SID=<MYDB>

    where <MYDB> is the name of the database

    $ sqlplus /nolog
    SQL> connect / as sysdba
  2. To enable ARCHIVELOG mode status, enter the following SQL commands:
    SQL> Shutdown
    SQL> Startup mount
    SQL> Alter database noarchivelog;
    SQL> alter database open;
  3. To check the ARCHIVELOG mode status, enter the following SQL command:
    SQL> archive log list;
    Database log mode 						No Archive Mode
    Automatic archival 					Disabled
    Archive destination 					/oradump/<MYDB>
    Oldest online log sequence 		7
    Current log sequence 					9


The database is now in NOARCHIVELOG mode.