IBM Assess End of Life FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

On January 9, 2020, IBM announced end-of-market and end-of-service for IBM Talent Assessments. For details, please see the RFA and our previous email regarding this matter. Long-term renewals for these services will not be available. Please see our following FAQ, which includes contact details if you have questions.

IBM is partnering with SHL to offer a transition path for Kenexa Assess. If you are interested in contacting SHL, you can do so by contacting

My contract is up for renewal in the next month. What options do I have so I may continue to use assessments?
Please contact your IBM or Business Partner Representative for more information about renewals. If you are unsure who to contact, our support team would be happy to guide you.
I am currently participating in a services project (Transportability Study, Custom Assessment Build, Angoff Study, Adverse Impact Project, etc). Will there by any impact to my project?
No. IBM will fulfill all obligations to clients through the product end of service date. Your project will proceed as planned. For organizations whose current contract term extends past December 31, 2021, an IBM representative will contact you to discuss options and a path forward compliant with your requirements in connection with your applicable IBM agreement.
What happens to my Assess account if my IBM contract expires?
When your IBM contract expires, your Assess site will be disabled and any active session URLs will become invalid. In addition, you will no longer have access to historical data and reporting. To avoid this, we highly recommend performing an export before your contract end date.
What happens to active test sessions if my site is deactivated?
If you have candidates with active test sessions, their assessment URL will no longer be valid if your site has been deactivated. The Candidate will receive "An Unexpected error occurred" message and will be directed to contact our IBM Assess Support team.
What options do I have to retain my Session Data?
IBM recommends that Clients export their data using the self-service export function in the Assess System. Clients can follow the process located on the IBM Knowledge Center [HERE] to complete this task.
What level of data will the system export provide?
The self-service export capability within the Assess system, allows you to export the following:
  • Candidate data
  • Session details including overall scores
  • Scoring profiles
Are there any system limitations related to exporting?
Currently, we recommend exporting no more than 3,000 records at a time. Requesting an export with more than 3,000 records may cause issues and the export may fail. The IBM Engineering team is working on a release to improve the experience. This release is currently targeted for May 2020.
I continue to receive errors when attempting to export my data and my contract term is approaching. What should I do?
We recommend you contact the Global Support Center for assistance. Please note, that to ensure data security, support will have to send the exported data back to you via the IBM Support Community. You will need to have a Support Profile set up on the IBM Support Community in order to retrieve your data. If you do not have a profile, click here to find registration directions. When submitting the request to Support, please include the following information:
  • Client Name
  • Assessment Title(s)
  • Date Range
  • Assess URL
I need more data than what the self-service export provides.
Customers are encouraged to use the self-service export where-ever possible. We will not provide custom data exports for customers. Requests will only allow for additional date ranges, and not custom fields. In cases where customers need additional data, you can submit a request, via the IBM Support Community, for a data export. This request will be reviewed by Support, Offering Management, and Engineering leadership.
How long will my Assess data be available for download?
Your assessment data will be available for download until the end of your contract term. Per IBM Policy, once your contract is expired, we must delete all customer data. You can find additional information related to our content removal process by visiting the Kenexa Assess Service Description [HERE].