IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3

Tivoli Data Warehouse solutions

The term Tivoli® Data Warehouse solution refers to the set of IBM® Tivoli Monitoring components, successfully installed and configured, that interact to collect and manage historical data.

These warehousing components include the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server and the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server, the Tivoli Data Warehouse database, the Warehouse Proxy Agent, the Summarization and Pruning Agent, and the Schema Publication Tool.

While all Tivoli Data Warehouse solutions include these six components, the details of any particular solution vary according to the size of the environment, which database management systems are used, and which operating systems are involved. This chapter introduces and summarizes your options for database platforms, operating systems, and communications between warehousing components.

Each of the next four chapters describes how to implement solutions for a variety of configurations using one of the supported database platforms: IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, IBM DB2 on z/OS, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.