IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3

Configuring the handling of pure events by the monitoring server

When the Tivoli® Enterprise Monitoring Server has EIF Event Integration enabled, and data arrives from agents at a rapid pace, multiple rows of data either get put in a single event going to the event receiver or they get discarded. You can use the following procedure to configure the monitoring server to support one event per row of pure data. This ensures that when multiple rows of data arrive from the agent in quick succession, they are not concatenated into a single event; each row of data will generate a corresponding event.


  1. Create a file KPXATRGP on the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server in the following directory:
    • $CANDLEHOME\CMS (C:\IBM\ITM\CMS) for Windows systems.
    • $CANDLEHOME/tables/ for UNIX systems.
  2. Add the entries for pure event tables in the format <application-name>.<table-name> followed by a new line, for example:
  3. Always restart the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server after adding a new entry to this file.


This enables the feature for pure event tables only. Each row of data from the agent will result in an event. You should verify that all events from the agents show up in the EIF cache file or Event Server. The feature cannot be enabled for sample events. If there is a constant high volume of data from the agents, enabling this feature for all pure event tables will slow down the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server performance. If you want to enable this feature you must enable it on all Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Servers (hub and remote) in the environment.