REST API Changes

September 21, 2022

This document describes issues that result in changes to the REST API. It is a running list of changes that accumulates until the next release of the API Programming Guide. When we release a new version of the programming guide, it will include these changes. At that time, this list will start with new changes to the API.

Because the API is a full reflection of the Turbonomic product, some changes to the product necessarily cause changes in the API. This can include bug fixes and improvements to the product. For example, we might add new commodities that you can get for a given entity type. Or a bug fix might change the data that is returned by an API request. We strive to make these changes backward-compatible whenever possible.

In some instances, we must make changes that are not backward-compatible. In this case, we deprecate the change for a period of time that should be sufficient for you to understand the change and implement an alternative in your scripts.