Action Categories

Turbonomic groups entries in the Actions List by different categories. These categories do not strictly define the severity of an issue, but they indicate the nature of the issue.


A virtual environment can include policies that limit availability of resources. It’s possible that the environment configuration violates these defined policies. In such cases, Turbonomic identifies the violation and recommends actions that bring the entity back into compliance.


Efficient utilization of resources is an important part of running in the desired state. Running efficiently maximizes your investment and reduces cost. When Turbonomic discovers underutilized resources, it recommends actions to consolidate your operations. For example, it can recommend that you move certain VMs onto a different host, and then suspend the original host.


Ultimately, the reason to manage workloads in your environment is to assure performance and meet productivity goals. Turbonomic can recommends actions when it detects conditions that directly put performance at risk. You can consider these critical conditions, and you should execute the recommended actions as soon as possible.


Turbonomic constantly monitors conditions, and works to keep your environment running in a desired state. As it finds issues that risk moving the environment out of this state, it recommends preventive actions. You should attend to these issues, and perform the associated actions. If you do not, the environment may drift away from the desired state, and performance may be put at risk.