Support for Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for modern app development. To deploy Cosmos DB, you create a Cosmos DB account in an Azure resource group in your subscription, and then create databases and containers within that account.

When you add Azure targets, Turbonomic discovers the accounts, databases and containers that make up your Cosmos DB deployment, and then maps them to the corresponding entities in the supply chain.

Cosmos DB



Database Server




Document Collection

The following image shows how your Cosmos DB environment is represented in the supply chain.

Cosmos DB topology

An account has a total throughput limit that represents capacity, but actual throughput (measured in Request Units or RUs) is provisioned at the database or container (document collection) level.

Turbonomic optimizes databases and containers. It uses percentile calculations to measure Request Unit (RU) utilization for these entities and then recommends actions to scale RUs to optimize performance and costs.

Turbonomic also recommends cost-saving actions that reconfigure databases to remove unused provisioned throughput or delete databases that are not hosting document collections.

Turbonomic requires specific permissions to discover your Cosmos DB deployment. For details, see Azure Permissions.