Importing Reports

You can find a set of custom reports to import on the Turbonomic Open Source site at This page lists different categories of reports that you can use to track your environment.

To import a custom report:

  1. In the Embedded Reports page, create a folder to store your imported JSON files.

    In Embedded Reports page, navigate to Dashboards / Browse. on that page, click New Folder to create a folder for you imported JSON files.

    For example, create a folder named {{ }}_Github_Reports.

    After you create the folder, navigate back to the Dashboards / Browse page.

  2. Navigate to the report you want to import.

    Go to and browse to find the report you want.

  3. Copy the JSON file to the clipboard.

    In the report entry, navigate to the JSON file. In GitHub, display the file as Raw JSON, then select the JSON and copy it to the clipboard.

  4. Import the JSON file into your Reports.

    In the Embedded Reports page, click Import, and then paste the JSON you copied into the Import Via Panel JSON field. Then click Load.

    To complete the import:

    • Give the name you want for the report.

    • Choose the folder that you just created to store the report.

    • If you want to share this report with other Grafana installations, make a note of the UID, or change it to a value you can remember.

    • Click Import.

The Embedded Reports page now displays your imported report.