Configuring Sign In pages

After you set up an alternative Sign In page, you configure IBM® TRIRIGA® to use the alternative Sign In page.


  1. To open the Administrator Console, in a browser window address line, enter: http://hostname:port/context path/html/en/default/admin.
  2. In the Managed Objects pane, select System Manager.
  3. In the Property Files section, on the TRIRIGA Web line, click Edit.
  4. Set the ALTERNATE_RESOURCE_DIRECTORY property to the directory that contains the alternative Sign In page, for example C:/Tririga/userfiles/alt.
  5. Set the ALTERNATE_INDEX_HTML property to the file name of your alternative Sign In page. This file must be in the directory that is defined in the ALTERNATE_RESOURCE_DIRECTORY property, for example, index.html.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Managed Objects pane, select Logout.
  8. Restart the application server.