IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Version 3.5.3

IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform overview

The IBM® TRIRIGA® Application Platform solution provides organizations with graphical and configuration tools to rapidly configure applications and extend the use and value of the IBM TRIRIGA applications. The use of standards-based technology and interfaces and a high-performance workflow process engine drive interoperability with critical business systems.

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform is a runtime environment for the rapid processing of transactions. The platform provides the underlying technology for the IBM TRIRIGA applications and includes the Administrator Console, Document Manager, IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Applications for integration with external systems, and linkage to computer-aided design (CAD) applications. The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform also provides set of browser-based tools that are used to create and modify the applications that IBM TRIRIGA delivers.

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform includes an MVC-based UX framework for building UX applications. The model-view-controller (MVC) approach separates the application into three components or layers: the model, view, and controller. The view layer is built upon the Polymer library of reusable web components. With a modular and flexible architecture, the UX framework enables organizations to more easily meet business requirements with an intuitive user interface, compatibility with touch interfaces, and improved performance.

With the IBM TRIRIGA comprehensive solution, you can:
  • Configure IBM TRIRIGA applications without changing source code.
  • Create regulatory reports in the same environment as daily work processes.
  • Reduce time and costs to implement and maintain IBM TRIRIGA applications.
  • Deliver applications through consistent portals.
  • Protect unique configurations through application upgrades.
  • Modify an existing business object along with relevant data field definitions, lifecycle states, and workflows.