IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Version 3.5.2

Wiki documentation

Additional information can be found in our external IBM® TRIRIGA® wiki on developerWorks®.

Links to supplemental IBM TRIRIGA wiki information are provided in the following table.
Table 1. IBM TRIRIGA wiki documentation
Product area Title with link to wiki page Description
TRIRIGA Application Platform Support Matrix Provides supplemental information about the IBM TRIRIGA supported versions and compatibility matrix.
TRIRIGA Application Platform Object Labels and Revisions Provides documentation and best practices for tracking your object modifications and preserving your object modifications when you upgrade your IBM TRIRIGA applications.
TRIRIGA Application Platform OSLC Getting Started Guide Provides supplemental information about getting started with Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) components that integrate with IBM TRIRIGA.
TRIRIGA Application Platform Performance Provides supplemental information about best practices, performance summaries for specific database environments, and other issues that can affect IBM TRIRIGA performance.
TRIRIGA Application Platform Reserve Provides supplemental information about integrating, configuring, and troubleshooting the IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reservation Manager Add-in with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.
TRIRIGA Application Platform SSO Provides supplemental information about configuring and troubleshooting single sign-on (SSO) with IBM TRIRIGA.
TRIRIGA Application Platform System Sizing Provides supplemental information about capacity planning, system requirements, and typical system configurations for IBM TRIRIGA.
TRIRIGA Application Platform Workflow Provides supplemental information about workflow status codes, workflow task type IDs, workflow processing, and workflow performance in IBM TRIRIGA.
Release Notes Release Notes Provides links to the IBM TRIRIGA Release Notes for the current release and previous releases.
Best Practices Best Practices Provides links to the IBM TRIRIGA best practices for system performance, and configuring and upgrading IBM TRIRIGA applications.
Upgrading Upgrading Provides important information about upgrading the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform.
UX Framework UX Framework Provides links for getting started, building apps, and looking for help with our MVC-based user experience (UX) framework for Polymer-based applications.