Troubleshooting the sensor

This topic describes common problems that occur with the WebLogic SSH sensor and presents solutions for those problems.

Duplicate WebLogic domains might be created

Duplicate WebLogic domains might be created when a host of an admin server of a WebLogic domain has many IP addresses.
Fix Pack
3 To remove the duplicates, make sure that the WebLogicDomainConsolidationAgent is run after the discovery of WebLogic domains.

The sensor fails with a Domain config dir not found error

The Domain configuration directory cannot be found. Check the ps output for the process and verify in the limitations section that the configuration is supported.
Use one of the following methods:
  • Run the WebLogic server using the argument -Dpredefined.domain.config.dir=domain_directory or –Dweblogic.RootDirectory=domain_directory
  • Configure the path to the domain administrator server in the WebLogic launcher sensor configuration. For details, see Configuring the sensor.

WeblogicLauncherSensor fails because the ps output is cut on HP-UX

WeblogicLauncherSensor fails when trying to discover WebLogic on HP-UX and the following error message can be found in the sensor log file: "Cannot find server name in command line: <COMMAND LINE>". A possible reason of this failure is the cut of a ps command output, which is a documented behavior of HP-UX.
  1. Set in
  2. Restart TADDM and run the discovery again.

If extracting the server name from the command line fails, WeblogicLauncherSensor reads it from the local configuration file (config.xml).

Some JDBC dependencies are not created between a WebLogic server and database servers

TADDM discovers both the WebLogic server and a related database server but does not create a relation between them. Such a relation is based on the JDBC connection properties that are defined on the application server.
The problem might be a result of one of the following issues:
  • The dependencies are created by the JDBCDependencyAgent that runs in the Dependency topology agent group. Ensure that the agent is run after the discovery of the WebLogic servers.
  • The JDBCDependencyAgent processes only the recently discovered application servers. If some dependencies are still missing after the agent has run, rediscover the WebLogic servers, and wait for the topology agents to run again.
  • Ensure that the database server is one of those that supports the creation of transactional dependencies between it and the WebLogic application server. The following databases are supported:
    • Oracle
    • IBM® DB2®
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Sybase