Business Application Path details pane

You can view Business Application Path details pane in the business application topology.

To open Business Application Path details pane, on the graph, right-click a path's edge and choose the Show Details option.

The Routes tab contains detailed information about routes. Each path has at least one route. Routes can contain one or more segments. Details about each segment of a route are displayed in separate tables, which contain the following elements:
Table 1. Routes tab details.
Item Description
Source Object The source object of the relationship, or dependency.
Relationship and Dependency The type of a connection between nodes. Relationship is a basic type of a connection that results from Common Data model structure. Dependency represents a family of dependencies that can be customized and which exist as separate database elements. You can also define your own dependencies, see Manually defining dependencies between configuration items.
Target Object The target object of the relationship, or dependency.

Fix Pack
2 Traversal direction

The direction of the traversal of a specific relationship or dependency. For details, see Traversing relations during pattern processing.