Adding the JSP report viewer to the Data Management Portal

Reports are added to the Data Management Portal by modifying the reports.xml file. The reports.xml file is located in the $COLLATION_HOME/etc/cdm/xml/ directory.

To add the JSP report viewer to the Data Management Portal, complete the following steps:

  1. Using a text editor, open the $COLLATION_HOME/etc/cdm/xml/reports.xml file.
  2. In the reports.xml file, specify the report descriptor, report group, report name, and external script for the report definition. The following example shows how to create an external report named Custom Report that is located in the Inventory Reports group and specifies the /WEB-INF/view/custom.jsp script:
    <bean class="com.collation.cdm.reports.viewer.JSPReportViewer" id="CustomReport">
    	<property name="reportGroup"><value>Inventory Reports</value></property>
    	<property name="reportName"><value>Custom Report</value></property>
    	<property name="script"><value>/WEB-INF/view/custom.jsp</value></property>
  3. Save the $COLLATION_HOME/etc/cdm/xml/reports.xml file.
  4. The report should now appear in the Data Management Portal.