Repositioning custom server entries

You can change the order in which custom servers are listed in the Custom Servers pane. The list order is important because template matching is applied from top to bottom in the custom server list and stops at the first match. For example, a more generic template matches all servers of a specific type and a more specific template matches only servers that have a specific string argument. After a server is matched to a server category, the custom server is removed from the unknown server list. A server cannot be a member of more than one category at the same time, even if the server matches criteria from several custom servers in the list. Changing the order of the list can cause the server process to match to a different custom server.

To reposition entries in the Custom Servers pane, complete the following steps from the Discovery Management Console:

  1. In the Functions pane, click Discovery > Custom Servers.
    The Custom Servers pane is displayed.
  2. In the Custom Servers pane, select the custom server that you want to reposition and complete one of the following steps:
    • To move the server up in the entry list, click Move Up.
    • To move the server down in the entry list, click Move Down.